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Gerhard Franz

Research Interest

Research interests are two-fold: experimental mineralogy-petrology-geochemistry and field related petrological studies (see also list of projects and publications). Experimental studies were carried out in the last years on amphibole, tourmaline and on the epidote minerals, with the emphasis of element partitioning between fluid and solid. Field related studies were and are currently being carried out in the Andes, with a special focus on the evolution of the continental crust and the upper mantled; in the Alps and in the Münchberg area (central Germany), with emphasis on P-T-t paths, high pressure rocks and fluid evolution; in S-Egypt and N- and W-Sudan, Cenozoic volcanism and basement evolution.

Research Projects

  • Research group FOR 741 (DFG) 'Nanoscale processes and geomaterials properties', project 'Fluid assisted mineral replacement' example reactions rutile + fluid = titanite and corundum + fluid = al-silicate; in cooperation with Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum (W. Heinrich, R. Romer), University of Vienna (R. Abart), Universität Bremen (F. Lucassen); PhD project Dina Schultze.
  • Research group FOR 736 (DFG) 'The Precambrian-Cambrian biosphere (r)evolution: Insights from Chinese microcontinents', project 'Multi-proxy records of seawater chemistry and environmental change from Precambrian-Cambrian carbonate-phosphorite and chert-phosphorite assemblages: Implications for enhanced bioproductivity and phosphogenesis' in cooperation with Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum (F. v. Blankenburg)
  • Crustal evolution of the basement and intraplate magmatism in Sudan (Bayuda Desert, Darfur Mountains); PhD project David Evuk (DAAD sponsored); in cooperation with D. Frei (Univ. Stellenbosch, SA), F. Lucassen (Univ. Bremen), B. Meissner (Beuth FH Berlin)
  • Dissolution behavior of beryl; PhD project R. Kurumathur
  • Kinetics of silicate liquid immiscibility; DFG project Dr. I. Veksler; in cooperation with Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum (S. Speziale) and LMU München (D. Dingwell)
  • Experimental determination of Sr and Pb distribution between epidote minerals and hydrous fluid (in cooperation with GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam; Dr. A. Liebscher, Dr. M. Gottschalk)
  • Phosphor-minerals monazite-xenotime; age dating of Precambrian metaquartzite from Brasil
  • P-T-t evolution of the  Münchberg Gneiss Area (in cooperation with J. Glodny, Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum; A. Gerdes, Univ. Frankfurt)
  • Tourmaline as a fluid-rock indicator - experimental petrology and examples from natural rocks (in planning)
  • Natursteineinsatz in der Reichslandzeit in Metz und Straßburg: Kulturhistorische, technische und ökonomische Determinanten (in planning, in cooperation with G. Dolff-Bonekämper, G. Schirrmeister, TU Berlin)

Publication list and Supplemental Information

Publikationsliste G. Franz                                      


Projects in preparation:

Franz, G., Anselm, L., Schultze, D., Börner, F., Sawall, J., Meixner, A., Kutzschbach, M., Nissen, J.  Geochemistry and metamorphic history of the Mesozoic metasedimentary Pfitsch Formation, Western Tauern window, Austria/Italy


Kurumathoor, R., Franz, G. Etch pits in beryl as indicators of provenance and petrogenesis


Koglin, N., Franz, G., Schüssler, U., Glodny, J., Zeh, A., Gerdes, A., Brätz H. Geochronology and geochemistry of nappe protoliths of the Münchberg Massif, NE Bavaria (Germany) – new aspects for the Cadomian-Variscan evolution of the Saxothuringian Zone



Franz, G. Khomenko, V. Vishnyevskyy, A. Wirth, R. Nissen, J. Rocholl A. (revision submitted) Organic matter and formation of buddingtonite - an example of organic-igneous interaction from the Paleoproterozoic Volyn pegmatite, Ukraine. Amer Mineral


Evuk, D., Lucassen, F., Franz, G. (in revision) Lead isotope evolution across the Neoproterozoic boundary between craton and juvenile crust, Bayuda Desert, Sudan. J African Earth Sci



published (accepted)


(153) Berryman, E. J., Kutzschbach, M., Trumbull, R., Meixner, A., van Hinsberg, V., Kasemann, S. A., Franz, G. (2017) Tourmaline as a petrogenetic indicator in the Pfitsch Formation, Western Tauern Window, Eastern Alps. Lithos accepted


 (152) van Hinsberg, V. J., Franz, G., Wood, B. J. (2017) Direct measurement of subduction-zone element mobility using a tourmaline mineral probe. Geochemical Perspective Letters 3, 160-169


(151) Guo, Q., Deng, Y,. Hippler, D., Franz, G., Zhang, J. (2016) REE and trace element patterns from organic-rich rocks of the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition interval. Gondwana Research 36, 94-106


(150) Kutzschbach M., Wunder B., Meixner A., Wirth R., Heinrich W., and Franz G. (accepted) Jeremejevite as a precursor for olenitic tourmaline: Consequences of non-classical crystallization pathways for composition, textures and B isotope patterns of tourmaline in synthesis experiments. Eur J Mineral doi: 10.1127/ejm/2017/0029-2604


(149) Berryman, E. J. Wunder, B., Rhede, D., Schettler, G., Franz, G., Heinrich, W. (2016) P-T-X controls on Ca and Na distribution between Mg-Al tourmaline and fluid. Contrib Mineral Petrol, 171, 1-31, doi 10.1007/s00410-016-1246-8


(148) Franz, G., Morteani, G., Rhede, D. (2015) Xenotime-(Y) formation from zircon dissolution-precipitation and HREE fractionation: An example from a metamorphosed phosphatic sandstone, Espinhaço fold belt (Brazil) Contrib Mineral Petrol, 170, 1-37


(147) Büchner, J., Tietz, O., Suhr, P., Loges, A., Franz, G. (2015) Field trip 3: Cenozoic Lausitz Volcanism and its Basement.- In: Röhling, H.-G. (Hrsg.): GeoBerlin 2015. Exkursionsführer/Excursion guide. Exkf. u. Veröffentl. DGG 255,17-34, Hannover


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(145) Berryman E. J., Wunder B., Wirth R., Rhede D., Schettler G., Franz G., Heinrich W. (2015) P-T-X controls on K and Na incorporation in dravitic tourmaline and insight into the formation environment of diamondiferous tourmaline from the Kokchetav Massif, Kazakhstan. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 169, 1-28


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(143) Franz, G., Morteani, G., Gerdes, A., Rhede, D. (2014) Ages of protolith and Neoproterozoic metamorphism of Al-P-bearing quartzites of the Veredas formation (Northern Espinhaço, Brazil): LA-ICP-MS age determinations on relict and recrystallized zircon and geodynamic consequences. Precambrian Research 250, 6-26


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