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Research Interest


My research interests are interdisciplinary covering research fields of geochemistry, mineralogy, and hydrogeology. Focus of my research is related to fluid-solid interaction with following objectives:


  • A quantitative understanding of transport and attenuation of inorganic colloids, bacteria, and micro- and nanoplastics in the watershed scale (e.g. Schiperski et al., 2016) 
  • A quantitative understanding of the co-transport of organic and inorganic pollutants with colloids such as bacteria, clay, and microplastics, with focus on ionexchange. 
  • Applying and using colloids and organic micropollutans as source and process indicator in aquifers (Schiperski et al., 2015; Zirlewagen et al., 2016; Schiperski et al., 2016) 

Research Projects


  • EarthShape: DeepEarthshape - Geomicrobiology. Iron-metabolizing bacteria as a driving force in weathering of silicate minerals (DFG-Schwerpunkt)
  • Co-Transport of organic cations on clay minerals (DFG) 


  • AGRO: Risikomanagement von Spurenstoffen und Krankheitserregern in ländlichen Karsteinzugsgebieten Projekthomepage

Topics for bachelor and master thesis

If you are interested in any of these topics please contact me,.

  • Analysis of microplastics in environmental samples: methodological refinements.
  • Transport of selected size fractions of clay colloids through porous media: laboratory column experiments.
  • Ionexchange of organics cations on clays: methods for resolving faster sorption processes.

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