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Dr. Martin Kutzschbach

Research Interest


My research focusses on mass transfer processes at the nanometer to the planetary scale and the origin, evolution and pathways of fluids using the partitioning of (trace) elements and stable isotopes between minerals, glasses and fluids. For this purpose, I combine experimental work, field investigations and an array of high-resolution analytical techniques. Projects that I am currently working on include:


  • Trace element partitioning between mica and fluid and its implications for the genesis of hydrothermal ore deposits (e.g. W-Sn-Cu deposit in Panasqueira, Portugal).
  • The corrosion of nuclear waste glasses at the nanometer scale studied by transmission X-ray microscopy and X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy 
  • The boron isotopic composition of orogenic eclogites and its implication for the boron isotope signature in subduction zones and recycled mantle components.
  • Geochemistry of (meta)sediments and its implications for their depositional (palaeo)environment
  • Tourmaline as petrogenetic indicator 


If you are a student looking for a B.Sc. or M.Sc. thesis do not hesitate to contact me.

More information

  • curriculum vitae
  • Publication List
  • Teaching

Curriculum Vitae

Professional experience

04/2019 – now Technical University Berlin (Scientific staff)

  • Department of Applied Geochemistry
  • LA-ICP-MS Lab manager (purchasing and operation)
  • Teaching, carry out research, administration
  • Supervision of PhD, M.Sc. B.Sc. thesis
  • Raising external funds 

04/2018 – 03/2019      Parental Leave 

06/2017 – 03/2018      Technical University Berlin (Scientific staff)

  • Department of Applied Geochemistry
  • Teaching, carry out research, administration
  • Supervision of PhD, M.Sc. B.Sc. thesis 

03/2014 – 05/2017      German Research Centre for Geosciences (Scientific staff)

  • Section: Chemistry and Physics of Earth materials
  • Doctoral thesis: The effect of tetrahedral boron in tourmaline on the boron isotope fractionation between tourmaline and fluid: improving tourmaline as a petrogenetic indicator


10/2012 – 02/2014      University of Potsdam “Geoscience (M.Sc.)”

  • Focus on: mineralogy, geochemistry
  • Master thesis: “Corrosion of silicate glasses: processes and reactions at the glass-water interface”

10/2010 – 09/2012      ETH Zürich „Earth Science (M.Sc.)”

  • Focus on: mineralogy, geochemistry

10/2007 – 09/2010      University of Kiel “Geoscience (B.Sc.)”

  • Focus on: petrology, mineralogy, crystallography Thesis: subduction of oceanic crust: The Bantimala complex of Sulawesi, Indonesia           



  • “Paul-Ramdohr-Preis” of the German Mineralogical Society 

Analytical skills

  • Mass spectrometry:                  LA-ICP-MS, SIMS
  • X-ray techniques:                     powder-XRD, XRF, XANES
  • Synchrotron techniques:           X-ray microscopy, XANES
  • Electron microscopy:                SEM, EMPA, TEM
  • Vibrational spectroscopy:          Raman, FTIR
  • Computational techniques:        Modeling XANES spectra

Experimental skills

  • High-pressure synthesis using piston-cylinder press and hydrothermal autoclaves
  • Static glass corrosion at ambient pressure in teflon beakers
  • Glass synthesis in internally heated pressure vessels

Publication list


  • Kutzschbach, M. Guttmann, P., Marquardt, K., Werner, S., Henzler, K., Wilke, M. (2018): ATransmission X-ray microscopy and NEXAFS approach for studying corroded silicate glasses at the nanometre scale. Physics and Chemistry of Glasses – European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part B, 59, 11-26. 
  • Wunder, B., Kutzschbach, M., Hoße, L., Wilke, F.D.H., Schertl, H.-P., Chopin, C. M. (2018): Synthetic [4]B-bearing dumortierite and natural [4]B-free magnesiodumortierite from the Dora-Maira Massif: Differences in boron coordination as a response to ultrahigh-pressure. European Journal of Mineralogy, 30, 471-4.8 3.


  • Kutzschbach, M., Wunder, B., Meixner, A., Wirth, R., Heinrich, W., Franz, G. (2017): Jeremejevite as precursor for olenitic tourmaline: Consequences of nonclassical crystallization pathways for composition, textures and B isotope patterns of tourmaline in synthesis experiments. European Journal of Mineralogy, 29, 239-255. 
  • Kutzschbach, M., Wunder, B., Trumbull, R., Rocholl, A., Meixner, A., Heinrich, W., (2017): An experimental approach to quantify the effect of tetrahedral boron in tourmaline on the boron isotope fractionation between tourmaline and fluid. American Mineralogist, 2505-2511. 
  • Kutzschbach, M., Wunder, B., Krstulovic, M., Ertl, A., Trumbull, R., Rocholl, R., Giester, G. (2017): First high-pressure synthesis of rossmanitic tourmaline and evidence for the incorporation of Li at the X site. Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, 44, 353-363. 
  • Berryman, E., Kutzschbach, M., Trumbull, R., Meixner, A., Kasemann, S., van Hinsberg, V., Franz, G. (2017): Tourmaline as a petrogenetic indicator in the Pfitsch-Mörchner Basin, Western Tauern Window. Lithos, 284-285, 138-155.


  • Kutzschbach, M., Wunder, B., Rhede, D., Koch-Müller, M., Ertl, A., Giester, G., Heinrich, W., Franz, G. (2016): Tetrahedral boron in natural and synthetic HP/UHP tourmaline: Evidence from Raman spectroscopy, EMPA, and single crystal XRD. American Mineralogist, 101, 93-104

Courses that I teach(ed) at the TU Berlin

 Mineral- und Gesteinsbestimmung

(4 SWS) lecture and practical 2th Semester B.Sc.

  • Description and identification of minerals and rocks
  • macroscopic properties of minerals
  • symmetry, point groups, miller indices

 Gesteinskunde II

(3 SWS) lecture and practical 4th Semester B.Sc.

  • Description and identification of rocks and minerals 
  • mountain forming processes and p-T-t paths
  • Metamorphic reactions and phase equilibria
  • Geothermometry and Geobarometry 

Geländepraktikum I

(4 days) field trip 2nd Semester B.Sc.

  • Description and identification of various rocks and minerals in the field
  • Working in the field, e.g. usage of compass and field book
  • Thinking like a geologist, i.e. geologic space and time
  • Geology of the Harz mountains, Germany 

Geländepraktikum II

(8 days) mapping course 2nd Semester B.Sc.

  • Geology of the Fichtelgebirge, Germany   
  • Identification of metamorphic rocks and minerals
  • Orientation in the field
  • Independent geological mapping of a 5 km2 area

 Einführung in die Polarisationsmikroskopie

(3 SWS) lecture and practical 6th Semester B.Sc.

  • Function and usage of a polarizing microscope (PolMi)
  • Optical properties and identification of rock forming minerals with a PolMi
  • Basic mineralogy, crystallography

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