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Research Projects Professor Dr. Gerhard Franz


(1) Experimental determination of phase equilibria between zoisite-epidote, recently finished (in cooperation with Dr. A. Liebscher, GFZ Potsdam).

(2) Epidote Workshop sponsored by the Mineralogical Society of America and the Geochemical Society.

(3) Experimental determination of REE, Sr and Pb distribution between epidote minerals and hydrous fluid (in cooperation with Dr. A. Liebscher & Dr. M. Gottschalk, GFZ Potsdam, G. Doersam, TU Berlin).

(4) Experimental investigation of the stability of certain phosphate minerals under elevated P-T conditions, involving (1) determinations of possible SiO2-AlPO4 solid solution (co-worker: Dr. B. Wunder, GFZ Potsdam, N. Giliard, TU Berlin), (2) investigation of possible apatite-britholite solid solution (co-worker: PD Dr. H. Cölfen, Max-Planck-Institut Golm, M. Riedl, TU Berlin), and (3) determination of the phase transition of berlinite/variscite (co-worker: Dr. A. Hösch & Dr. K. Drüppel, students).

(5) Investigation of the phosphor-minerals monazite-xenotime, age dating of a Precambrian metaquartzite from Brasil.

(6) Experimental determination of the trace element distribution between orthopyroxene and melt at high P and T (in cooperation with Dr. D. Frei, Geological Survey of Danmark, København).

(7) Evolution of intraplate magmatism in Sudan, Bayuda Desert, Darfur Mountains (in cooperation with GFZ Potsdam).

(8) SFB 267 "Deformationsprozesse in den Anden" (since 1993, subprojekt: "Thermal and compositional structure of the lithosphere", co-worker: Dr. F. Lucassen & P. Vásquez, TU Berlin).

(9) P-T-t evolution of the Randseries of the Münchberg Gneiss Area (co-worker: Dr. P. Dulski, GFZ Potsdam & M. Takni, FU Berlin).

(10) Petrological investigation of the Zentralgneiss of the Tauern Window (co-worker: A. Hahn) and of metabasites of the Lower Schieferhülle, Tauern Window, S Austria/N Italy (co-worker: P. Gleissner, TU Berlin).

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