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Metal Oxide Aided Subsurface Remediation: From Invention to Injection (MetalAid)


Thousands of sites across Europe are polluted with toxic metals and organic solvents; many more exist worldwide.As EU population grows, clean water will determine the quality of life and economic stability. Most sites remain contaminated because existing technology is costly and disruptive. Society needs an innovative way to decontaminate soil and groundwater directly underground.

METAL-AID is a European Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) designed to address the problem of contaminated water sites across Europe. In METAL-AID, we will develop new technologies through fundamental knowledge. We are a partnership of 6 universities, 4 consulting companies and a government agency, from Denmark, Germany, Britain, Spain and Iceland. Our goal is to develop a new method for remediating contaminated soil and groundwater, in situ, so the activities on the land surface, such as houses, schools and businesses are not disturbed.

More informations you find here:   http://metal-aid.eu/





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